Meet our Artisan Producers!


Meet our Artisan Producers!

Meet our artisan heroes

Here at Cheshire Quality, we are excited to be working with so many of the county’s artisan producers! We wanted to take a moment to briefly introduce them all, so here goes! Meet our artisan heroes…

The finest Cheshire Cheese from Cheshire Quality

From coffee to cheese, lamps to biltong, there is a little bit of EVERYTHING here at Cheshire Quality. Stuck for unique gift ideas? We have you covered, and with more producers joining us, there are many more artisan products coming your way very soon!

Abbey Price Design

Abbey Price Design is a textile print designer from Davenham who uses sustainable digital fabric printing to create bespoke tote bags (amongst many other delights).

Berry Fresh Bakery

These wonderful guys are responsible for artisan chutney, as well as artisan jam and artisan marmalade, lovingly crafted using traditional methods of jam-making with a Maslin pan.

Blissful Moments

Helping you benefit from essential oils, Blissful Moments designed a fragrant blend of essential oils, essential oil candles, and soothing essential oils eye pillows. The ultimate in relaxation!

Blue Fish Ceramics

Afficionados of Raku, this Cheshire Ceramics company bring wonderful artisan ceramic products to life, proving what started as a hobby can indeed become a full-time job.

British Food Box

The best British cheese you’re likely to find comes from Laurel’s Farm. These artisan British cheese products are handcrafted with the utmost care and love.

Haughton Honey

Beekeeper turned artisan raw honey maker! Using a small army of local bees, Haughton Honey brings you the finest raw English wildflower honey known to man.

Plant & Soul

This eco-friendly business delicately hand craft beautiful, hanging macrame plant holders, using old t-shirts! An innovative and ingenious way to breathe new life into well-loved garments!

Cheshire Cheese Company

Mouth-watering and award-winning artisan Cheshire cheeses. Guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

The Lost Barn Coffee Roasters

Artisan roast coffee, bought to you from The Lost Barn. Ethically sourced, meticulously brewed, and tantalizingly tasty.

The Weston Biltong Company

Bringing South African influence to Cheshire with their artisan British biltong products! Locally sourced meat packed with flavor, bringing the best of two cultures together.

Topchick Productions

Bespoke minifigures, Lego minifigure display cases, upcycled gifts – what’s not to love! Thoughtful and unique gifts you won’t get anywhere else.