Cheshire Quality Shop Launch

Come Visit!

Date: 29.02.20
Where: Shop

Knutsford Artisan products shop opens!


As promised, we told you there would be more exciting news to come from us here at Cheshire Quality! We are opening our first shop in February!

King Edward I established the first court, fair and market in Knutsford way back in 1292. Fast forward 728 years, and this beautiful part of the county of Cheshire is to be the home to the first Cheshire Quality shop! Not content with bringing you the wonderful Cheshire artisans’ produce to the internet, we felt that products of this quality deserved a physical presence on the high street too. An exact date in February is yet to be confirmed, but this announcement had us fit to burst with anticipation!

We will update you along the way, but in a town that has been so critically influential in British history, we wanted to make our mark on its iconic heritage!

Mere moments away from the stunning and world famous Tatton Park, and home to the Centennial War Memorial, Remembrance Discovery Trail and Knutsford Heritage Centre, we can’t wait to be a part of the rich tapestry that makes up the very core of the Market Town that is also known as the Gastro Capital of Cheshire.

Knutsford Artisan Product Shop