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high quality bespoke gifts, homewares and delicious artisan food

We are a Cheshire based couple who both have family roots to the county, and after spending many years travelling, in our hearts, Cheshire was always home.

Our own passion for buying handmade goods opened our eyes to the eclectic mix of artisans within the area who provide the highest quality bespoke gifts, homewares and delicious artisan food.


Cheshire Quality was born

Whilst shopping for ourselves it became apparent that the Cheshire area has so much to offer, but in an increasingly competitive market producers of handmade goods are on an uphill struggle to get their artisan products in front of potential customers. Whilst the growing trend of Artisan and Makers markets has been a stepping stone for some, the ability to gain a stall at one of these events is becoming increasingly difficult.

So, Cheshire Quality was born! Working in partnership with Cheshire based artisans, Cheshire Quality is able to offer a unique collection of Cheshire handmade gifts and food produce in one place.



We are passionate about not only offering our customers a seamless shopping experience, it is imperative to Cheshire Quality that our producers also receive the highest quality service.

Being a producer of handmade goods takes so much time and skill to provide our business with the highest quality, bespoke produce. In return we offer them a unique platform to showcase the Cheshire produced handmade gifts and food products. Whilst there are similar offerings out there, we specifically only showcase Cheshire based artisans, therefore giving our producers a wider audience without having to compete with thousands of others under one website.


Diverse mix of artisan producers

With our diverse mix of artisan producers, we are able to offer our customers an unforgettable shopping experience that will have you coming back for more.  Whether you are looking for an eye-catching piece for your home, a unique way to tell someone you love them, or a selection of artisan foods to excite your guests, Cheshire Quality has a variety of the highest quality items, handmade in Cheshire.

Browse from the comfort of your own home or visit our boutique in Knutsford (opening February 2020) and shop in the knowledge that you are getting the very best in products and service.


A Cheshire based couple


Having grown up in the North West of England, my life and heart is now firmly in the centre of the Cheshire countryside. Throughout what has been so far a true adventure of life, I’ve specialised in business development, marketing and sales.

I’ve worked with a variety of businesses since childhood, from small travelling market stalls to large scale national charities and recruitment firms, not just in the UK but also abroad.

I love working with people and learning about their stories, and I am very excited about engaging personally with both our artisan producers and customers. My personal approach to business will enable the nurturing of great working relationships with our artisans.


Having grown up in Barmouth, Wales, I served as a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Navy for 10 years, specialising in Submarine Navigation. Following my Royal Navy service and a desperate need for some sunlight, I became the Captain of several of the finest luxury superyachts on the sea – operating world-class exclusive yachts, meeting the needs and demands of the world’s political and celebrity elite.

This has given me a great insight and an eye for high quality items and services as well as running high turnover small businesses, so I am now bringing this back to Cheshire Quality to help our artisan producers and customers. Having family roots in Cheshire, Davenham is now home, having recently moved back to the very heart of Cheshire.


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